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Horticulture: Academic Programs: Undergraduate

Photo of Horticulture StudentsPrograms of Study in Horticulture

Major in Horticulture (B.S.A. Degree)

To meet the growing demand for knowledgeable professionals, the UGA Horticulture Department offers a Bachelors of Science Degree in Horticulture. The Horticulture program allows students to select from four areas of emphasis so they can focus on the fields that they find most interesting.

The Landscape Contracting emphasis focuses on ornamental plants and landscape design, installation, and maintenance. Graduates secure careers as a landscape contractor, garden designer, golf course superintendent, garden center manager, urban forester, and other related professions.

The General Horticulture emphasis permits a broader range of study. Students take courses in fruits, vegetables, ornamentals and greenhouse crops. Graduates find careers at garden centers, nurseries, greenhouses, theme parks, and botanical gardens or could become a plant inspector, county agent, or horticultural instructor.

The Sustainable Food Production emphasis provides students with an understanding of how to grow fruits and vegetables using organic and other sustainable practices. Students may take courses outside the department to learn about animals, field crops, and aquaculture as well as the many social aspects of sustainable food systems. Graduates find opportunities as a farm manager or community garden coordinator. Some operate their own small farm.

The Horticultural Science emphasis is designed specifically to prepare students for graduate study in the sciences with a foundation in horticulture. Students take a range of horticulture courses as well as courses in subjects like statistics, chemistry, and genetics to prepare them for Masters and PhD programs in horticulture and other related fields.

General Requirements for B.S.A. Degree in Horticulture (UGA Bulletin)

ArmitageMinor in Horticulture

Many students enrolled in related degree programs, such as Landscape Architecture, Turfgrass Science, Agriculture Communications, and Agriculture Education, are interested in a more in-depth study of horticulture than one course can provide. For these students, there is the Minor in Horticulture. This minor provides a broad background in horticulture with high degree of flexibility. On average, students take a total 15-16 hours of directed coursework. Application for the minor in horticulture insures a greater chance of seating in the more popular courses. After a student fulfills his/her requirements they must complete and submit the Minor Completion Form to Dr. Smalley, in order that the minor will then show on their transcript.

Certificates and Related Minors

Organic Students with an interest in subjects beyond the regular course of study may opt to obtain one of many certificates related to the field of horticulture, or pursue a minor through another department. Through careful selection of electives, students can often fulfill requirements for certificates or minors without extending graduation time. Students with an interest in these programs are encouraged to discuss their interest with their faculty advisor early on in their college career.

Certificate and other programs:

Opportunities for a minor related to Horticulture

Study Abroad Courses

Study Abroad

Whether it’s a tour of European gardens, or a study of wine making in Cortona, Italy, opportunities abound to travel to distant lands and experience new cultures. The UGA Horticulture Department sponsors several study abroad programs to meet the needs of students.

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