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Career Opportunities



Career opportunities in horticulture are vast and varied. Here are a few of the opportunities that await you:


MANAGEMENT/BUSINESS Landscape, nursery, orchard, vegetable farm, greenhouse, garden center


EDUCATION/RESEARCH Extension agents, horticulture vo-ag and vo-tech teachers, research scientists, plant breeders

COMMUNICATION Garden writers

DESIGN Interiorscapers,landscape designers

SPECIALITIES Horticulture therapists, public garden, zoo or city horticulturists

MARKETING Production marketers,
chemical, equipment, plants and seed sales

How to Prepare



Courses in chemistry, biology/botany and pre-calculus are desirable.

What Awaits You in

     Want to know more about the art and science of producing nutritious food for the body and beautiful plants for the soul? Like working outside, working with our hands or being our own boss?
     Horticulture may be the major for
you. The horticulture degree teaches students the basic principles of propagation, production, maintenance, marketing and post-harvest physiology of fruits,
vegetables, ornamentals plants and herbs.

     The Department of Horticulture at the University of Georgia has an internationally renowned faculty that provides an extraordinary educational environment to prepare students for a horticultural career. The faculty works with students to develop a program that is suited for the student's specific interests.
     Field trips to nearby nurseries,
greenhouses and landscapes
supplement classroom exercises.
It is exciting to study and work
in an industry that is as dynamic
and strong as the horticultural
industry in Georgia.