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Horticulture: Georgia Master Gardener

Master Gardeners

MGLOG Recordkeeping

June 1, 2014, marked the official launch of MGLOG, the statewide recordkeeping system for the Georgia MGEV Program. This system, designed by a team of Agents and Program Assistants, was designed and built for the Georgia MGEV Program. Volunteers will be able to record their volunteer and training hours while Agents and program assistants can follow volunteer progress and gather the data they need for their responsibilities.

Agents and Program Assistants have participated in numerous trainings throughout the winter and spring. As they have used MGLOG, their comments and suggestions have honed and improved the system. Agents began sharing MGLOG with local MGEVs late this spring. Training and practice continues through summer 2014.

If you are new to MGLOG, use this video to get an overview of the system:
Nickel Tour of MGLOG
on YouTube

To log in and begin using MGLOG, visit this link:

If you have forgotten your password, this video will show you how to recover it and log in once again. Password Recovery Video on YouTube.

If you need further assistance with MGLOG, contact your local agent.

Trellis Blog

Engaging Master Gardeners in meaningful discussion about volunteering, outreach and community.

The Volunteer Vine Newsletter

Forms and Volunteer Information for Master Gardeners

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