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Photo of Hazel Y. WetzsteinHazel Y. Wetzstein

Professor Emeritus

1111 Plant Science Building
Athens, GA 30602-7273

Campus: Athens
Phone: 706-542-2471
Fax: 706-542-0624

My research interest is in the general area of plant growth and development. Research conducted in my laboratory includes studies on reproductive biology, medicinal plants, plant tissue culture, and plant conservation. Much of our research has focused on major commercial crops such as almond, pecan, pomegranate, apple, citrus, grape, forest trees, medicinal plants, and ornamental species. Research in plant reproduction includes studies in floral development, pollination biology, fruit development, and embryogenesis. We have identified causes limiting crop production by evaluating flower receptivity and pollen viability, assessing effects of pesticide sprays, and evaluating factors that affect flower and fruit development.  Research on medicinal and culinary plants includes studies on the effects of culture and postharvest handling on biological and biochemical activity.  We have a breeding and selection program with Artemisia annua, a medicinal plant with anti-malarial and anti-tumor activity.   My laboratory also conducts research in plant tissue culture for plant propagation, new crop development, and plant conservation.  Courses taught: Plant Propagation, Plant Growth and Development

More about Hazel Y. Wetzstein

Date Obtained
B.A..   Biology   California State University  
Ph.D.   Botany   University of California, Davis  



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